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VLUV Seating Balls have durable cover and integrated bottom ring to prevent it rolling away. Working on a Seating Ball brings back the ergonomics on the desk job improving sitting position. Sitting on a Seating Ball also activates core and thereby it makes you gently work harder for your own health. While improving ergonomics VLUV also inspires the mind and removes negativity in the room.

Recommended seating ball diameter based on the user height:

The diameter of 50–55 cm is suitable for users 135–155 cm tall.

The diameter of 60–65 cm is suitable for users 155–180 cm tall.

The diameter of 70-65 cm is suitable for users 180–200 cm tall.

The fabric cover is made of a dense woven polyester canvas fabric. Each VLUV offers a fluffy, cozy and warm seating for your home or work space. All VLUVs have been certified as "Ergonomical Product" by the German institute IGR e.V. (Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/Innen e.V.).