Aerial Silks
High-quality aerial silks, aerial hoops and aerial yoga hammocks. All manufactured in the European Union.
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$ 62.40

Safe ceiling mount for aerial silks or hoops for home and studio use. The package contains an aluminium bracket and bolts made of galvanized steel.

$ 43.00

Safe ceiling mount for aerial silks or hoops for home and studio use. The package contains a metal anchor point and 4 bolts.

$ 182.04

Tabless Aerial Hoop. Allows rigging from one or two points, as well as horizontally! Powder-coated black.

$ 24.68

The Rock Empire Daisy Chain is a convenient and safe tool for attaching an aerial yoga hammock or a sling and adjusting the height. 10 loops.

$ 26.84

Fastening method for an aerial yoga hammock. Perfect for when it is desired that both ends of the air yoga fabric hang free.

$ 113.06

A high-quality aerial yoga hammock that can be used either indoors or outdoors. The very stretchy and pleasant-feeling fabric attracts you to relax with yoga.

$ 121.68

An unique cotton blend hammock for aerial yoga or acrobatics. Perfect, soft feeling. Natural stretch.

$ 182.04

Premium quality aerial hoop with one attachment point. A versatile training tool for aerial acrobatics. Pipe diameter 2.69 cm.

$ 182.04

This two-point aerial ring is made of a hollow, 2.69 cm wide metal tube. It is very durable and just the right thickness to ensure a good grip.

$ 41.93

Easy-to-adjust extension strap for an aerial equipment. Three different height levels. Perfect for home and studio use.

$ 24.68

Velvet sling for an aerial hoop. A durable and secure attachment option that also looks beautiful in pictures and shows.

$ 37.62

A handy accessory for an aerial hoop. With a hand loop, you can turn around safely by your hand or foot and perform a wide range of static figures.

$ 9.59

Durable tape for an aerial hoop or trapeze. Offers better grip. An easy way to change the colour for shows.