The name of FLOKATI finds its roots in the two dacades of experience combining the soft touch of wool, health, protecting warmth, a cozy feeling of home and harmony of thoughts. Products from carefully selected certificated merino, camel and alpaca wool fabrics are designed and made in Lithuania. Wool qualities of natural thermoregulating and skin protecting make it particularly favorite in summer and winter.
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59,90 €

Woolmark and Oeko-Text certified merino wool yoga bolster with buckwheat filling.

78,90 €

Cosy and warm wool blanket made of high quality merino wool fabric

84,90 €

The merino wool yoga mat is a wonderful natural product that feels soft and comfortable on the skin. Effectively evaporates moisture, and removes odours.

44,90 €

A buckwheat-filled meditation pillow. Supports the hip and back, helping to find a better sitting position. Outer cover made of soft and warm merino wool.

22,90 €

Bag for yoga bag made of 100% cotton. A durable and timeless choice that will carry your yoga mat to the studio and home for years to come.

42,90 €

This multi-purpose pillow roller made of camel and merino wool is suitable for both yoga and travel.

21,90 €

Merino wool eye mask filled with lavender seeds for meditation or yoga practice.