For more than 25 years, Gaiam has been one of the leading manufacturers of innovative yoga products. Gaiam makes quality yoga products available to everyone.
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38,90 €

Two-colour PVC yoga mat with 6 mm padding and non-slip surface. Lifetime warranty.

29,90 €

Two-colour PVC yoga mat with 4 mm padding and non-slip surface. Lifetime warranty.

109,90 €

The longer and wider yoga mat provides space for all asanas. Grip improves at higher temperatures, so the mat is great for thermal yoga.

47,90 €

This yoga mat is perfect for beginners, as it helps to guide your hand and foot placement for the perfect alignment.

52,90 €

A colorful, printed yoga mat is sure to brighten up your mood. Made of durable PVC. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

56,90 €

Durable, 6 mm yoga mat with a good grip and a lifetime warranty. On one side is a powerful tidal wave print, on the other a calmer clam pattern.

39,90 €

The 10 mm thick training mat provides comfort for floor exercises such as abdominal and back movements. Comes with a nylon carry strap.

54,90 €

The reversible yoga mat always provides the right atmosphere for your yoga practice. The Zara Rogue mat has bold colours and intense patterns.

69,90 €

Just flip over this reversible mat to find the print that matches your yoga mood at the moment. Made of latex-free PVC. Lifetime warranty.

27,90 €

A glass drinking bottle is a healthy and environmentally-friendly choice. The Sure Grip silicone hood protects the bottle and ensures a firm grip.

39,90 €

There is definitely enough grip in this yoga towel! The towel is designed for dynamic exercises such as Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga.

34,90 €

In addition to the mat, the larger Tote bag can also hold other yoga essentials, or alternatively a pilates mat.

25,90 €

With the Gaiam Granite Storm bag, you carry a yoga mat effortlessly between home and the studio. Two side pockets and long carry straps.

32,90 €

The textured surface of the foam roller rubs the muscles, relieves tension and stimulates blood circulation.

186,90 €

This ingenious chair combines active sitting and complete adjustability. Balancing on the ball strengthens the back and core, and corrects posture.