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$ 10.67

New formula! A soft wax-based waterproofing conditioner for shoes.

$ 13.90

A specialist wash-in detergent designed to clean all down-filled items, including sleeping bags.

$ 22.53

A spray-on waterproofing product designed to add water-repellency to any outerwear materials garment. Fluorine free composition.

$ 8.08

A traditional wax product designed to protect all leather footwear against water and stains.

$ 10.67

The Grangers leather conditioner provides footwear protection against water and stains while maintaining the breathability of the textile.

$ 14.26 $ 20.37

Effective detergent for technical and natural fiber equipment. Removes odors and speeds up drying.

$ 27.92

Twinpack 2 x 300 ml. Down Wash + Performance Repel.

$ 27.92

Twinpack 2 x 300 ml. Performance Wash & Clothing Repel.

$ 12.83

Detergent for woolen clothes. Suitable specially for merino wool garments.

$ 12.83

A powerful spray-on cleaner designed to remove dirt and odours from all types of footwear and gear.

$ 20.37

A wash-in technical cleaner designed to remove dirt, odours, and harmful residues left behind by regular laundry detergents.