ToeSox are to enhance and support your natural movement regardless of the activity you are in to.
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$ 36.27

This thigh-high leg warmer style will keep your muscles ready for action at a moment’s notice. Perfect for yoga, pilates or everyday use.

$ 19.05

The design of the Mia toe sock ensures that the sock fits like a glove and stays on the foot in all activities from yoga to barre and pilates.

$ 11.66

Perfect grip socks for yoga, pilates and barre. Cooling mesh fabric on top.

$ 13.80

Relevé toe socks for dance classes and barre.

$ 15.94

Finally the perfect socks for barre class! The leather padding provides an excellent grip for dancing.

$ 21.29

No more slipping on the mat! Grip Gloves keep your hands on their place adding more grip for more stable asanas.

$ 15.84

The ToeSox Low Rise grip sock is ready for all your barefoot activities, packing a protective punch for everything from your toes to your arches to your heels.

$ 16.69

It's like you're bare foot...but even better. For all barefoot activities, like Pilates, yoga, dance, barre, and martial arts. Stick To Your Practice.

$ 14.87

These socks are suitable for all sports that you can practice barefoot, such as pilates, yoga, dance, barre, or even martial arts.

$ 16.69

Ballet-inspired, barely there, barefoot experience. ToeSox Bella toe socks are great for all barefoot activities like barre, Pilates, yoga, and dance.

$ 16.69

Ballet-inspired, barely there, barefoot experience. For all barefoot activities like barre, Pilates, yoga, and dance. Stick To Your Practice.

$ 12.20

ToeSox Casual Dash toe socks fit just below the ankle and thus remain invisible in most shoes.

$ 33.63 $ 48.04

Tight compression, skin-thigh fit, toe socks to keep your feet flying and speed up the recovery.

$ 15.65 $ 22.36

Leg-length leggings with open heel. Excellent for many uses and beautiful patterning.

$ 31.99

Accelerates warm-up and keeps muscles warm during and after your workout. Great for yoga, pilates and dancing.