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9,90 €

14,90 €

XL size yoga block. Beautiful, warm and ecological cork material to support your yoga practices.

12,90 € 14,90 €

Wawy design adds extra depth to the use of yoga brick. Suits for yogis looking for more variety in their yoga accessories.

14,90 €

38,90 €

"Foam" Roller from cork. Stronger pressure than in foam material roller. Convenient size, sturdy and natural material. The cornerstone of the physical care.

43,90 €

"Foam" roller from cork. Gives more pressure than normal foam roller. Natural material, durable and handy size. Releases muscle and tendon tension.

15,90 €

A good addition to self-care for muscle care and treatment of pain points. Suitable for e.g. massage, pressing, stretching and increasing mobility.

8,90 €

The compact and sturdy ball allows precise handling of even the smallest areas. Gives hard pressure, accurate to work with, light-weight and warm on skin.

11,20 €

Ready-to-use, effective and fast-acting disinfectant spray that kills viruses and bacteria. It smells of eucalyptus.

7,90 €

Disinfect your hands fast and effective. Destroys viruses and bacteria. A fresh and pleasant scent of eucalyptus

11,50 €

Ecological, efficient, fresh washing concentrate. Laundry, home cleaning, counters, sauna, sanitary facilities, stains

14,95 € 29,90 €

A unique and unique decorative element made of cork. A bulletin board where you can mark all the countries or cities you have visited.

54,90 €

The mat has an anti-slip effect, due to the use of cork as a material. Grip only gets better when wet.

5,87 € 6,90 €

Elegant and unique keyholder with red colored cork lips. Irresistible.

59,90 €

Woolmark and Oeko-Text certified merino wool yoga bolster with buckwheat filling.

78,90 €

Cosy and warm wool blanket made of high quality merino wool fabric

84,90 €

The merino wool yoga mat is a wonderful natural product that feels soft and comfortable on the skin. Effectively evaporates moisture, and removes odours.

44,90 €

A buckwheat-filled meditation pillow. Supports the hip and back, helping to find a better sitting position. Outer cover made of soft and warm merino wool.

99,90 €

A solid and weatherproof football goal for active home training or daily outdoor activities for kids. The goal size 366 x 183 x 151 cm.

22,90 €

Bag for yoga bag made of 100% cotton. A durable and timeless choice that will carry your yoga mat to the studio and home for years to come.

42,90 €

This multi-purpose pillow roller made of camel and merino wool is suitable for both yoga and travel.

21,90 €

Merino wool eye mask filled with lavender seeds for meditation or yoga practice.