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$ 140.01

This product package designed for body care includes a merino wool yoga mat, a corked fascia ball and a relaxing eye pillow.

$ 161.56

The package includes a KINOS merino wool yoga mat and a LUMI meditation pillow filled with buckwheat.

$ 172.34

Everything you need for yoga practice. The set includes a merino wool yoga mat, a cotton bolster and a cork block.

$ 193.90

Wiano's Merino wool yoga set is perfect for peaceful yin yoga and restorative yoga.

$ 13.90

The soothing eye pillow is perfect as part of a meditation practice and for relaxing at the end of a yoga class.

$ 37.62

The buckwheat-filled meditation pillow helps you find a more comfortable sitting position and get to a deeper level of relaxation.

$ 41.93

A narrow yoga bolster increases the versatility and efficiency of your practice.

$ 46.24

Hand-sewn from durable cotton fabric, filled with ecological and very sturdy buckwheat. Every yogi's dream bolster.

$ 52.70

A Buckwheat-filled meditation pillow with a soft merino wool cover. Beautiful and calming grey colour.

$ 113.06

The merino wool yoga mat is a wonderful natural product that feels soft and comfortable on the skin. Effectively evaporates moisture, and removes odours.

$ 52.70

A buckwheat-filled meditation pillow. Supports the hip and back, helping to find a better sitting position. Outer cover made of soft and warm merino wool.

$ 69.95

Woolmark and Oeko-Text certified merino wool yoga bolster with buckwheat filling.

$ 96.89

Cosy and warm wool blanket made of high quality merino wool fabric. Size 150x200 cm.

$ 60.25

The crescent-shaped meditation cushion supports the hip and back, enabling an even more comfortable sitting position.

$ 17.14

A good addition to self-care for muscle care and treatment of pain points. Suitable for e.g. massage, pressing, stretching and increasing mobility.

$ 129.23

$ 18.21

The oval-shaped yoga brick imitates body shapes and provides support for subtly adjusting your journey toward a cleaner performance of yoga movements.

$ 13.90

The cork yoga brick is a durable and environmentally sustainable choice

$ 18.21

The Cork Yoga Block from Yoga-Mad is as environmentally friendly as the traditional wooden block while also being lightweight and durable.