Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig
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Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig

The perfect indoor or outdoor frame for setting up aerial yoga hammocks or doing some aerial conditioning!

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It can be very expensive to properly install rigging points in your home, and if you’re renting it might not even be a possibility. Screwing a hook into the ceiling, or many other cheap “solutions” to rig your aerial hammocks at home just isn’t safe. Prodigy have designed this Aerial Yoga Rig to solve this problem for you. At the lowest height, you can use it inside most homes, or on a nice day take it outside and use it on the highest setting. 

Adjustable and portable 

The Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig has a footprint of approx. 2.0m x 2.6m (approx. 6’1” x 8’3”). At the highest setting, it is approx. 2.9m (9’6”) tall. 

You can remove connector sections of the legs to reduce the height down to approx. 200 cm (approx. 6’6”) which will be low enough to fit inside any house. At this height it has a footprint of approx. 1.8m x 1.7m (approx. 5’10” x 5’11”). The top bar (bridge section) is approx. 100cm (39 inches) long and there is approx. 80cm (31 inches) between the leg connector sections. 

The setup is easy enough to do by one person in about 10 mins but it’s even easier and quicker to set up with two people. 

The maximum length of any components is approx. 105cm (41 inches). This means it will easily fit into any car and takes up minimal space in your home when not in use. The total weight of all the components is 38kgs. 

Strong and Stable

Prodigy have designed this rig for Aerial Yoga but with absolutely no compromise on safety or strength. Each 45mm diameter/1.8mm thick steel tube used for the legs is joined by threaded connectors, the threaded joins help to increase the strength and stability of the rig. 

The top bar (bridge section) is made from an incredibly strong 50mm diameter, 3mm thick, seamless steel tube. Additional support for the rig is achieved by 5.5mm thick steel gusset plates welded onto the bridge section. We recommend choking 2x Prodigy Aerial Slings - 18mm-30cm length onto the top bar to create your anchor points. 

The straps provided will stop the legs from splaying and together with the other design elements lead to the most stable freestanding indoor rig we’ve seen or used! 

It’s also the strongest indoor rig we’ve seen, with a WLL of 138kg (FOS 5:1) based on static load tests rigged from quarter points to simulate 2-point Aerial Yoga use. The WLL is based on the loading up to the first permanent deformation, not destruction. Tested in the UK at an independent testing facility. Tests are conducted by Nebosh, Tech-IOSH qualified testers.

This WLL is suitable for low-level dynamic loading as expected in Aerial Yoga. 

Yoga and Conditioning

This rig is designed and intended for portability and Aerial Yoga. You will be able to use this for conditioning, but it is not optimal for practicing other disciplines, like Aerial Hoop. Due to the small footprint practicing aerial hoop can cause you to hit the legs on the rig depending on the skills being practiced. 


  • Bridge (top bar) x1 
  • Connector (leg sections) x8 
  • Bottom Rods (leg sections) x4 
  • Feet x5 (one spare) 
  • Pins x4 
  • Straps x2 

More information

  • Manufacturer: Prodigy
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Base: 2.0m x 2.6m (6’1” x 8’3”)
  • Height: 2.9m (9.6')
10 cm
10 cm
60 cm
38 kg
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