Fuse Ladder
Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder Fuse Ladder

Fuse Ladder

The Fuse Ladder is like a pilates machine on the wall. Standing exercises include variations on Pilates movements, using bows, sides, or backrests.

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Meet the Fuse Ladder, a dynamic new piece of apparatus designed by Fuse Pilates, Washington, D.C.’s most popular Pilates studio. After extensive development in their studio, Fuse Pilates worked with Align-Pilates to create the latest version – complete with quick adjust springs, a padded backboard, moveable eyelets and infinite exercise possibilities!

The Fuse Ladder appeals to students and teachers who want a resistance or bodyweight-training, functional fitness workout that’s tough, unique, and ever-changing. The Fuse Ladder is less expensive than reformers or weight machines and takes up much less space. Further, the same space that hosts Ladder classes can be used for mat-based classes, doubling your Studio’s offering. The Fuse Ladder is a powerhouse of a workout with major curb appeal (everyone from barre aficionados to HIIT instructors are swooning over this tough workout!). Plus, it’s unbelievably fun, capturing moves you haven’t done since you were a kid on the playground. With a focus on standing work (and climbing and hanging), it’s the perfect antidote to the sedentary lifestyle most of us live.

The Fuse Ladder offers a fun and challenging workout combining spring resistance exercises, like a Pilates Half Cadillac but with climbing, hanging, agility, and balancing challenges to take you to a new level. Standing exercises include squat variations, lunges, and balance challenges, both using the springs and using just the ladder or backboard. Floor work incorporates springs and the ladder rungs for even more challenge. Two high bars offer possibilities for hanging exercises, pull-ups and additional upper body strengthening and lengthening of the spine. The upper eyelets can also be used in conjunction with Suspension Trainers. To get a flavour for Fuse Ladder and to see how it could help your client please see some of the tutorials by Fuse Ladder by clicking HERE.


  • 1 x Roll Down Bar
  • 1 x Padded Back Board which hooks onto the ladder
  • 2 pairs of Sliding Spring Eyelets
  • 3 x Fixed Eyelets
  • 2 x 47cm Extra Light Short Springs (yellow)
  • 2 x 64cm Light Long Springs (purple)
  • 2 x 64cm Medium Long Springs (red)
  • 1 x pair of Hand/Foot Straps with double d rings and metal clips
  • 1 x pair of Handles

Dimensions:237cm (H) x 80cm (W) x 49cm (D).

49 cm
237 cm
80 cm
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