C*-Pro Half Cadillac Bracket
C*-Pro Half Cadillac Bracket

C*-Pro Half Cadillac Bracket

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Our C*-Pro Half Cadillac bracket set is for use in conjunction with the Align-Pilates C*-Pro reformers, which includes the C1-Pro, C2-Pro and C8 Pro Pilates Reformer, as well as the wood effect versions of these reformers. 

This bracket set simply attaches to the reformer leg extensions, and the Half Cadillac can be added into position. If you would like the full functions of a Half Cadillac, we recommend purchase also the following products to complete the set:

  • Mattress Converter
  • Platform Extender 

Please note, the Half Cadillac and Leg Extensions are not included with this product and must be purchases separately.

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