Cork Yoga Brick, Egg
Cork Yoga Brick, Egg

Cork Yoga Brick, Egg

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The oval-shaped yoga brick imitates body shapes and provides support for subtly adjusting your journey toward a cleaner performance of yoga movements. A particularly effective oval-shaped yoga brick is in seated asanas under the legs. The oval yoga brick also works great in reclining postures and supported backbends. They adapt nicely to the arch of the back and with 3-4 extra yoga bricks, you can get even wider support.

In the forward bending asanas you can notice that oval-shaped yoga bricks are really helping to reach a deeper, peaceful stretch.

Product information:

  • Made of cork
  • 305 x 120 x 75 mm
  • Weight about 510 grams
  • Country of manufacture: Portugal

Clean by wiping with a damp cloth.

Cork yoga brick is a durable and organic durable choice, cork brick is also a light and safe option. 100% cork.

12 cm
7 cm
30 cm
510 g
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