Coolsport Heel Sneaker, black
Coolsport Heel Sneaker, black Coolsport Heel Sneaker, black

Coolsport Heel Sneaker, black

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Sneaker style toe socks for active people to everyday use. Unnoticeable comfortable to wear. Feelmax = natural step.

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Low model toe sock, Feelmax - Coolsport, sneaker sports sock that saves the day anywhere you go - suits to office and sports!

This sock is suitable for feet that sweat a lot and those who care about their well-being. Each toe is separated from each other in the CoolSport toe socks, which lets toes be naturally. The use of toe socks allows the toes to adapt to every step freely and are thereby comfortable to use.

Feelmax Coolsport toe socks are designed to fight against sweating of the feet and the formation of odours and blisters. The toe sock is made of synthetic fibre treated with colloidal silver. Aerosilver® nanoparticle treatment significantly inhibits the bacterial and fungal growth of the feet.

Silver has been utilized in medicine for centuries as an antibacterial agent that kills microbes. In medicine, it still utilized in the treatment of wounds and burns. Feelmax CoolSport toe socks have been innovated to exploit silver lining to destroy bacteria that cause bad smells in the feet. CoolSport toe sock is a great sock for sports and hard days.

Product information:

  • Sneaker style, low sock
  • Colour: black
  • Material:
    • 80% polyester
    • 18% nylon
    • 2% other fibres
  • Two size options: 36-41 and 42-47

If you would prefer higher style toe sport sock, please see other options below.

24 cm
3 cm
9 cm
80 g
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