Silver Health White, toe socks
Silver Health White, toe socks Silver Health White, toe socks

Silver Health White, toe socks

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Antbacterial toe socks, that reduces formation of uncomfortable odours in many ways. Pleasant to use, suits for all. Happy and healthy feet wears Feelmax.

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Feelmax Silver Health toe socks are almost miracle with its technology and comfortability. Silver Health toe socks are made with colloidal X-silverĀ® nanoparticles.

To say it more understandably, this product is enhanced with super small silver particles to bring extraordinary benefits. Nanolevel particles are very small which means that the silver in the socks is deep in the fabric and thereby it lasts long and grants powerful gains.

Silver is antibacterial material. Its antibacterial benefits have been known and exploited in medical use for centuries. Silver is still used in medical use for wound and burn treatments as well silver is widely used in the textile industry, too. 

Silver in the Feelmax Silver Health toe socks helps to reduce the bacteria and fungus growth. Bacteria and fungus in the feet are the reason for the uncomfortable smell. Feelmax Silver Health toe socks fight against the smell by destroying the source of the smell.

Silver in the socks, also reduce swelling of the feet and adds the antistatic feature, which makes them comfortable to use in dry places and on static carpets.

Toe sock structure of the sock keeps the toes separately. Toes rubbing against each other would cause more sweating. In toe socks, toes can freely adapt to every step as they should, naturally. 

Feelmax Silver Health suits for diabetics, atopic rash and psoriasis due to its technology and comfortability.

Product details:

  • Colour: white
  • Material:
    • 80% combed cotton
    • 15% polyamide
    • 5% other fibres
    • Contains biocides (silver nitrate)
  • Available in two sizes: 36-41 and 42-47
24 cm
3 cm
9 cm
80 g
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