Tundra Merino, toe socks
Tundra Merino, toe socks

Tundra Merino, toe socks

The merino wool toe sock is the product that your feet have been longing for - warm, dry, antibacterial and soft.

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Feelmax Tundra Merino Wool Toe Socks are possibly the best toe socks in the world. Merino wool toe socks pamper your feet in an unprecedented way.

The strengths of these socks are the toe sock model and the merino wool material. These toe socks are really comfortable to wear and feel warm even if soaked. They transfer moisture perfectly from the feet, keeping your feet dry and warm even in demanding conditions. Merino wool is also antibacterial as a material, so in addition to the feeling of dryness, your feet stay fresh longer.

Merino wool material is:

  • antibacterial
  • very moisturizing transfer
  • breathable
  • warm

The natural feature of merino wool is to destroy malodorous bacteria and keep itself clean. Merino wool clothes are easy to care for and often simply ventilation is enough for "wash". Less washing and detergent use are better for the environment.

Merino wool is perfect for socks and heavy use, due to its ability to absorb moisture. Moist merino wool feels still dry every time touched. Wet feet don’t feel so uncomfortable with merino wool anymore. Because merino wool actively evaporates or insulates heat depending on the conditions, it is a great material for demanding textiles such as toe socks.

The structure of the toe socks keeps the toes apart. The toes rubbing together and in contact with each other cause extra sweating. Therefore, in toe socks, the toes are free to adapt to each step naturally, and the sweating of the feet is further reduced.

Product information:

  • Colour: black
  • Materials:
    • 70% merino wool
    • 27% polyamide
    • 3% lycra
  • Available in three different sizes:
    • 35-39
    • 40-43
    • 44-47
24 cm
3 cm
9 cm
80 g
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