Gurus - Cork Yoga Mat
Gurus - Cork Yoga Mat Gurus - Cork Yoga Mat Gurus - Cork Yoga Mat Gurus - Cork Yoga Mat Gurus - Cork Yoga Mat

Gurus - Cork Yoga Mat

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Experience Roots, our yoga mat in cork. This is the only mat you need. The yogamat is designed to be used on both sides. One side is naturally waterproof cork, the opposite side consists of natural rubber.

The mat has an anti-slip effect, due to the use of cork as a material.

You will never need to use a towel on your mat again or worry of slipping, the wetter mat you have the better grip you get!

Like our sandals, Roots are made by as much sustainable and environmentally friendly materials as we can. Both natural cork and natural rubber is harvested by hand from the trees through a harmless and gentle process. In addition to using the most natural ingredients, we make sure to not use any harsh chemicals or toxins in our mats.

Product details:

  • Weight: 2,4 Kilo
  • Length: 182 cm
  • Width: 63 cm
  • Thickness: about 4 mm

Use and maintenance:

With a little extra care, your Roots Mat last long:

  1. Always roll the mat solved with cork side out to prevent cracking.
  2. Do not leave it in the car or in extremely hot places for long periods of time.
  3. After a sweaty practice let the mat dry before storing it for an extended periods of time. Do not store the mat unless it is completely dry.
  4. Please note that natural rubber can smell something and we recommend airing the mat if it is needed.

To clean the mat:

  1. Rinse down both sides with water. Feel free to use a few drops of mild soap or a mat cleans. If using a matte purifier, test on a small section of the mat the first time. Cleaning products with essential oils can stain math, but should not affect the surface performance. If you do not have to clean the entire mat, remove only where there are stains.
  2. Let your mat dry completely dry. You can hang it over a chair or lay it flat on the floor.
63 cm
182 cm
2.4 kg