Singing Bowl Set, 3 pcs.
Singing Bowl Set, 3 pcs. Singing Bowl Set, 3 pcs. Singing Bowl Set, 3 pcs.

Singing Bowl Set, 3 pcs.

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Set with three Tibetan Singing Bowls and accessories including three strikers, bags and one felt mallet. Bright and warm sound. Suits for meditative practices.

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Singing bowl set with three Tibetan Singing Bowls, three strikers and bags and one felt model.

The diameters of the singing bowls are approximately 11, 15 and 19 cm. These Tibetan singing bowls are handmade in India according to traditional methods. Handcrafted singing bowls are "driven" out of a large casting block using hammers until they reach their final shape.

The singing bowls have a warm, full and lasting sound and are often used for relaxation. Typical applications include meditation, yoga exercises, sound therapy and sound massages. The harmonious and caring sound of the singing bowl helps to reach a deeply relaxed state and the sounds feel like relaxing signals travelling through the body. The effect of the bowls is based on the vibration and the correct resonant frequency.

The set includes three singing bowls, strikers, and pillows for singing bowls and one felt mallet. All the singing bowls are available also separately.

The Singing Bowls in the set:

  • Singing Bowl appr. Ø 10 - 11 cm | Weight appr.: 330 g
  • Singing Bowl appr. Ø 15 cm | Weight appr.: 780 g
  • Singing Bowl appr. Ø 19 cm | Weight appr.: 1000 g


  • 3 wooden strikers
  • 3 pillows for the singing bowls
  • 1 felt mallet | appr. Ø 5 x 32 cm

The singing bowls are made out of Bronce:

  • Copper - Around 78 %
  • Tin - Around 20 %
  • Other materials like Iron, Phosphorus etc- Around 2 %

Singing Bowls can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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