Kids Barefoot Sock Shoe
Kids Barefoot Sock Shoe Kids Barefoot Sock Shoe Kids Barefoot Sock Shoe Kids Barefoot Sock Shoe Kids Barefoot Sock Shoe Kids Barefoot Sock Shoe Ocean Blue

Kids Barefoot Sock Shoe

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Unique kids sock shoes for leisure, games and travelling. Protective. Comfortable. Lightweight.

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Popular Skinners barefoot socks are now also available for kids.

Skinners take barefooting to a new level. They feel light and comfortable like socks but protect your kid's feet like shoes. 

Skinners Kids is just the right choice for a growing foot. Only a 2 mm thick outsole ensures that all the foot muscles and nerve ends are activated when your kid walks outside. The toes get to perform their natural function by coordinating balance, the small muscles of the foot are strengthened and the brain receives stimuli from the foot that are not available in normal shoes. 

The sole is made of a two-layer polymer that, depending on the use, lasts up to hundreds of kilometres. The soles have a very good grip. The sole is completely waterproof, but the upper part is made of breathable material so the sock shoe dries quickly. The material does not rub the feet. 

Suitable for outdoor games, running, cycling, water sports, travelling, gymnastics, etc. You can wear your skinners as such or with a sock.

Product details:

  • Antibacterial tinsel prevents odours 
  • Toe protection
  • Non-abrasive material
  • Waterproof sole
  • Very good grip
  • Machine washable
  • Skinners are handcrafted in Europe
  • They weigh less than 100 grams on average
  • The sock shoes come with a handy carrying bag into which the sock shoes can be tossed and rolled for storage or transport.

Skinners sock care:

  • Machine washable
  • Wash upside down
  • Use a wash bag
  • Use delicate wash program.


  • 45% polypropylene Siltex (Ag +)
  • 22% viscose
  • 22% cotton
  • 11% lycra.


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9 cm
9 cm
80 g
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