VEEL, Seating Ball, 75 cm
VEEL, Seating Ball, 75 cm VEEL, Seating Ball, 75 cm VEEL, Seating Ball, 75 cm VEEL, Seating Ball, 75 cm VEEL, Seating Ball, 75 cm VEEL, Seating Ball, 75 cm VEEL, Seating Ball, 75 cm VEEL, Seating Ball, 75 cm Cognac Elephant Mocca Mud

VEEL, Seating Ball, 75 cm

Most likely the best purchase any modern office worker can do for (home) office. VLUV VEEL: "I am vegan."

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VLUV VEEL is sophisticated and stylish. Its colors are mellow and exude dignity. This office ergonomics wonder piece, that looks like an aged leather is actually very modern and vegan. The cover that looks and feels like real leather is made from a vegan faux leather.

The seating ball is majestic looking, has a wonderful wear-resistant cover part and an integrated bottom ring to prevent the seating ball rolling away. The VLUV seating ball adds ergonomics wherever you must sit - at home or at work. Working on a sitting ball activates the core and can also inspire to a spontaneous break on top of the ball or with it. The seating ball has no backrest or handles that interfere with free movement.

VLUV VEEL is possibly the best ergonomic and design combining purchase that a modern and stylish office nomad can do for own (home) office.


  • Ergonomically correct seating and core exercise at once
  • Available: 60-65 cm or 70-75 cm diameter
  • Made from innovative leather imitating polyester fabric; rub resistant but still breathable
  • Double felled seam
  • Robust and safe construction
  • Integrated bottom ring - prevents ball to roll away
  • Smart handle for easy transport and carrying
  • Special ribs-free PVC inner ball made of phtalates-free anti-burst PVC
  • Original YKK quality zipper with zipper pull pouch
  • Maximum user weight is 120 kg
  • Removable cover
  • Package includes: ball cover, PVC ball, double-action hand pump, 2 valve plugs, 2 x pump adaptor, 1 x plug lifter, instruction manual

Recommended seating ball diameter based on the user height:

The diameter of 60–65 cm is suitable for users 155–180 cm tall.

The diameter of 70-65 cm is suitable for users 180–200 cm tall.

The Seating Ball is shipped flat packed, but can be very easily inflated with the hand pump that is included in the package. Upholster can be taken off. For maintenance wipe cover with a damp cloth.

The cover is made of 100% polyester with microfiber and a PU coating. Each VLUV offers a fluffy, cozy and warm seating for your home or work space. All VLUVs have been certified as "Ergonomical Product" by the German institute IGR e.V. (Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/Innen e.V.).

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