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Rinsing the nose with lukewarm saltwater is a traditional method of yoga and an old folk remedy. Many doctors, ear- nose- and throat specialists recommend nose rinsing. Water flows through one nostril and out of the other, cleansing the nose and nasal cavity at once.

Regular nasal cleansing (neti) can prevent and relieve nasal congestion, colds, flu and sinusitis. It can also be a great help against allergies and asthma as well as snoring. Nasal cleansing may also sharpen the sense of smell and increase mental clarity.

The product is easy to use. The NoseBuddy comes with a measuring spoon that can be used to measure the amount of salt. The salt and water are mixed directly into the jug and stirred. With a measuring spoon and water measuring mark, you always get the right salt concentration (physiological saline 0.9%).

The long spout and large volume of the NoseBuddy give the water a good flow. Therefore, it rinses thoroughly, even if you have a runny nose. Rinsing is fast, gentle and efficient. The product is lightweight of only 120 grams and durable.

Product details:

  • Holds 0,5 litres of solution
  • Measuring spoon included
  • Material: PP plastic
  • Light and durable
  • Weigh: 120 g
  • Easy to use as part of your everyday cleansing routine
  • Designed and created in Sweden by the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School
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