Ginger Lemon
Ginger Lemon Ginger Lemon Ginger Lemon Ginger Lemon

Ginger Lemon

Delightful, inspiring, irrestible

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The spicy taste of ginger warms and stimulates the senses. The sourish taste of lemon refreshes the mind and creates a feeling of lightness. Small additions of lemon grass, mint, liquorice and black pepper give the tea some "bite" and a light, fresh sweetness. Cool in summer and heartwarming in winter - always delicious. The subtle message of this tea is: "A new beginning and optimism." 

ginger*, liquorice*, lemon grass*, black pepper*, lemon peel*, peppermint*, lemon oil*, hibiscus*, dried lemon juice*

Contains liquorice – people su ering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

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