Turmeric Chai
Turmeric Chai Turmeric Chai Turmeric Chai Turmeric Chai

Turmeric Chai

Strong, sensual, versatile

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Powerful Mother Earth produces it: the wonderful, golden-radiant turmeric root. When we consume it, we also feel like we are in good hands despite turbulent times. Combined with Chai spices and a hint of cinnamon, the tea develops its full, strong aroma. We allow ourselves to become enchanted by it. It is especially delicious when served slightly sweetened and with a (vegan) milk variation. To enhance turmeric in the best possible way, we recommend preparing it as Golden Milk: Simply boil the teabag in milk (100 °C), for safe consumption let steep for at least 5 minutes and then enjoy! The subtle message of this tea is: "Calming warmth of the sun."

turmeric root*, cinnamon*, liquorice*, ginger*, cardamom*, black pepper*, apple*, fennel*, mace*, cocoa shells*, cloves*

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