Zabuton meditation mat, 80x80 cm
Zabuton meditation mat, 80x80 cm Zabuton meditation mat, 80x80 cm Zabuton meditation mat, 80x80 cm Black

Zabuton meditation mat, 80x80 cm

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Big and soft meditation cushion 100% cotton to support your longer and deeper meditation sessions. Helps to avoid strain and aches of ankles and knees.

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For longer or more frequent sessions of sitting it is helpful to have a comfortable mat. The Zabuton is a soft meditation mat with a multi-layer cotton fleece inner, which offers very good cushioning for the knees and feet.

Zabuton is a meditation cushion that eases the cramps one might have during long meditation sessions by supporting and aligning the body. It facilitates the proper circulation of blood to the legs as you sit in different postures while meditating. The Zabuton meditation cushion helps your backbone to remain in the right position so that energy can flow freely within your body. 

As you cross your legs during meditation, your knees can rest on the surface of the Zabuton easily without causing you any strain. The cushion prevents your ankles from aching or remaining on the hard floor. Due to the thick padded surface of a zabuton, it insulates your knees preventing them from aches.

Some people place a second meditation pillow - Zafu - on top of the Zabuton to increase comfort as it can cushion your ankles and knees. By placing a Zafu on top of Zabuton, the pose also comes elevated and easier to hold. This combination allows you to maintain a tripod position during your session. If you do not Zafu available and need elevation, just fold a section of the Zabuton underneath your legs to raise pelvis.

Zabuton is perfect for meditation, yoga and exercise training. Also suitable as an interior element.

Product Details:

  • Size: 80 x 80 x 7 cm
  • Robust,  100 % cotton
  • Removable and washable cover with zipper
  • Machine cover in at 30°C
80 cm
7 cm
80 cm
800 g
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